Introducing OmegaMirror™ by Electric Mirror: The Most Durable Mirror for Bathrooms

  • OmegaMirror™ has been proven to outlast other mirrors at least 6 to 1, offering ten or more years of essentially faultless, corrosion-free performance.
  • OmegaMirror™ undergoes rigorous evaluation – from independent CASS Testing to Acid and Alkaline Resistance Tests to UL Adhesives and Mechanical Shear Tests – to ensure it exceeds expectations for superior performance.
  • Because OmegaMirror™ last six times longer than standard mirror, it can eliminate hundreds of thousands of dollars in mirror replacement costs during a typical renovation cycle.
  • Use of lead-free, copper-free OmegaMirror™ protects indoor air quality by emitting virtually no volatile organic compounds,
    as well as reduces your project’s ecological footprint.
  • Learn more here:  OmegaMirror™